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            小学英语作文:端午节dragon boat festival

            Tomorrow is dragon boat festival, I and father mother go together Woerma goes buying a zhongzi.

            Arrive Woerma, I run to look for a zhongzi with respect to rapid ground. Wow! Here huge crowd of people, really lively. Well? How is that place person special much? Taking away doubt I looked in the past after all. Oh! Buy a zhongzi so, the zhongzi breed here is really too much: Of beef stuffing, of red jujube stuffing, of chop stuffing, of earthnut stuffing... my what look saliva should flow. Took a bag rapidly, say to mom: "Mom, I like to eat fresh chopped meat, I should be bought more a few. " mom nods express to agree, then I bought the zhongzi of a lot of fresh chopped meat.

            Buy a zhongzi, we bought a lot of things again, have a meal in hall of Xiang Shang coffee next, had eaten a meal, we came home cheerfully, really happy today!

            小学英语作文:自我介绍Say something about myself

            Hello, my name is Li Xin. I’m a student. I study in No. 1 Junior High School. I’m in Class 5, Grade 7. I come from Quanzhou. I like English best. It’s easy and interesting. I can swim very well. I learned to swim when I was seven years old. I love going swimming in the swimming pool in summer holidays.

            My favorite film star is Jachie Chen. He is funny. I am a basketball fan

            小学英语作文:在动物园里In the zoo

            today is sunday may 25 2008.i go to the zoo whit my friends.the weather is sunny and cool!look!the elephants are drinking water.the birds are flying,the tiger is walking with lion.look at the river !

            the fish are swimming in the water . the mokeys are swinging .oh no!the weather is terrible.it’s rainy. we are go home watch tv and play the game!i very not happy!




          3.my country英文写作



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