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            Dear leaders:


            When you open the resume, you have to, I opened the door to opportunity and success. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my material, I hope it is different from your other job search materials hands, and can help you in the intense market competition and knowledge-based economy was recorded for the tide to the talent you need.

            Year of work experience, let me get the experience of life. I am increasingly aware that only the good do everything really serious to complete the work of each in order to fulfill the great trust of the leadership, but also have a chance for the individual capacity to be reflected. In the university, I did three years for broadcasters and journalists, had the schools Communist Youth League cadres and students, ability and capacity of communication and co-ordination of the exercise. Work over the past year because of the steady down-to-earth work style and calm personality, led by the praise, but also established a friendship with his colleagues.

            Today, I recruited the Office of the Secretary of the posts, I think I have the ability to do the job. I understand that the Secretary of the importance of the work, because this is a need for more responsible and careful work to complete. I studied political economy, have been negotiating an elective science, human psychology and public relations, they should have knowledge of the work I want to be useful.

            At work in the discipline at the same time, I will establish the overall situation awareness. The ancients said: "Good game who seek power, poor sub-seeking game are." As the interests of the whole office and I will, under the unified action in the overall situation. From a strategic and overall perspective, from the perspective of the leadership to be seen to want to do and procedure for the leadership of a good staff, good assistants. Focus on the overall situation, identify their location, identify the direction of focus and effort. Determined to do so is not conducive to the overall situation is not that a matter is not conducive to the overall situation does not hold. Establishment of sense of dedication, to establish a blind eye to personal gain or loss for the cause of the spirit of devotion, uphold the cause of the first, work comes first. The establishment of service, office services as a basic function as a full awareness and understanding of the noble service, and to establish the role of conscious awareness of services. Buried bow seriously do a good job in contrast, the work of foil. As soon as possible to complete various tasks, not beating about the bush. In the premise of quality, pursuit of efficiency.

            I love, so I try, I try, I succeed.


            distinguished leadership of your company:


            due to your company and the longing for self-development, achievement of self-desire, as a society is about to become college students, i sincerely look forward to their own careers on the fan set sail smoothly from here.

            thinking - a guide for all actions. courses of study not only makes me more determined the direction of socialism, and made me more aware of a keen grasp of the political atmosphere of the times a company vital to the development of enterprises. especially in the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, it was almost reached a consensus: a powerful ideological driving force is one of the components of intangible assets. i am willing to use their own profession and the company is committed to business ideas with colleagues and enhance the company cohesion and combat effectiveness.

            management - an important aspect of the modern enterprise. people entering the management of the core stage, the study "how a man''s work" indispensable. despite the complexity of the work of man can also have a sense of accomplishment. in addition to information on the ideological education of a large number of professional knowledge, i have a lot of self-study such as business management courses, often through the magazines in this regard, very interested in what the practice in this regard, the theory used in real life.

            law - the protection of the rights and interests of an effective weapon. to war, businesses will inevitably fall into economic disputes, in order to remove the obstacles to develop the adverse factors, it is necessary to resort to law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. although it is engaged in ideological education, but i also learn a great deal of hard laws and regulations, if the opportunity arises, i hope your company can become a legal service workers, for the company to share problem-solving.

            no man is perfect, so they are active at the same time to correct the shortcomings, i have to "live and learn" as its motto, i do not know your company can give me an opportunity to continue learning?

            thank you for your concern is whether i am chollima take you to decide by simple desire of shenzhou rocket you will be lucky hands toward me!


            HRD Director

            Shanghai Office

            Rohn and Hass China Inc.

            488 Wuning Rd (S), Shanghai

            Dear Mr. Director,

            I have learned from the newspaper that you are employing an administrative secretary. I am very much interested in this position.

            I have worked as an administrataiv secretary for a chemical company in Shanghai for three years, so I have some understanding of the chemical industry. I graduated from the East China University of Technology, holding a bachelor degree. Having obtained certificates of CET-4 and CET-6, I find myself fluent in both spoken and written English. In adition, I am also quite familiar with computer skills.

            Enclosed please find my resume.

            Looking forward to your early reply.

            Yours sincerely,


            Qian Xiaolu







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