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            1. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

            A. Friends. B. Neighbors. C. Wife and husband.

            2. What kind of news does the woman like to hear?

            A. Terrible news.

            B. Frightening news.

            C. Good news.

            3. How will the woman go to New York?

            A. By car. B. By air. C. By train.

            4. What kind of music does the man like best?

            A. Pop music. B. Classical music. C. Jazz.

            5. What does the man think of the woman’s worry?

            A. It’s reasonable.

            B. It’s unnecessary.

            C. It’s incredible.




            6. What will the woman do at the travel service?

            A. Pick up her passport.

            B. Buy her plane ticket.

            C. Ask about the flight.

            7. Why is the woman unwilling to give up her house?

            A. She has difficulty finding another.

            B. She has paid her rent in advance.

            C. She has no time to move to another.


            8. What season is it now?

            A. Summer. B. Autumn. C. Winter.

            9. What is the most probable relationship between the two speakers?

            A. Guide and traveler.

            B. Driver and passenger.

            C. Assistant and customer.

            10. What is the weather like in summer in San Francisco?

            A. It is warm. B. It is cool. C. It is hot.


            11. Where was the man brought up?

            A. In Munich. B. In Chicago. C. In Los Angeles.

            12. What did the man do in Europe?

            A. He went to college.

            B. He found a job.

            C. He traveled and lived in Munich.

            13. When did the man leave Munich?

            A. In 1997. B. In 1984. C. In 1995.


            14. When will the woman get started?

            A. Within a couple of years.

            B. This autumn.

            C. Right now.

            15. How will the woman afford her study?

            A. By getting money from her parents.

            B. By borrowing money from her friends.

            C. By doing a part-time job in her spare time.

            16. What do we know about the man’s attitude?

            A. He is interested in the woman’s plan.

            B. He is optimistic about the woman’s plan.

            C. He doubts if the woman can carry out her plan.


            17. Who is the speaker talking to?

            A. Travelers. B. Patients. C. Traders.

            18. What do we know about American doctors?

            A. They seldom stay in their offices.

            B. They always have much to do.

            C. They take better care of foreigners.

            19. What should people do when they are seriously hurt and alone?

            A. Check with the hotel manager.

            B. Ask the police for help.

            C. Dial 911.

            20. Why are people often sent to hospitals in the United States?

            A. To pay medical bills.

            B. To get medical services.

            C. To receive health insurance.


            (Text 1)

            W: You should spend more time to play with our kids.

            M: I know, but I’ve really been too busy recently. I’m sorry about that.

            (Text 2)

            M: Human beings aren’t interested in good news, they only like what’s terrible or frightening.

            W: Speak for yourself. I like to hear inspiring news.

            (Text 3)

            M: I hear you are going to drive to New York this weekend.

            W: Oh, I’ve changed my mind.

            M: What?

            W: I think flying will be more comfortable.

            (Text 4)

            W: What kind of music do you like best, classical, light or pop music?

            M: I really enjoy hip-hop, especially Jay Chou’s. I think Jazz is boring.

            (Text 5)

            M: What’s the matter, Mrs. King?

            W: I’m worried about sending Jenny to college. Most college students are so wild nowadays.

            M: Only a few are. Most students are too busy studying to have time to get into trouble.

            (Text 6)

            M: You must be pretty excited about your trip to Europe. When are you leaving?

            W: In just three weeks. But there are still a few things I need to do before I go.

            M: Like what?

            W: Like renewing my passport, going to the travel service to buy my plane ticket, and considering what to do with my house while I’m away.

            M: You’re not going to give it up, are you?

            W: No way! I’ll never find another house here, But I don’t want to pay three months’ rent for an empty house, either.

            (Text 7)

            M: Where do you want to go, Madam?

            W: Hilton Hotel, please. Brrr! It’s cold, eh? I’m freezing.

            M: Come in. San Francisco is usually cold in winter, you know. It’s often very rainy, which makes the weather colder and it sometimes....

            W: Well, it gets very hot in summer, doesn’t it?

            M: Not really. It gets warm in July and August. That’s the best time to visit the city. Uh, oh. Here comes the rain!

            W: It’s raining hard. By the way, how long does it take to reach the hotel, do you think?

            M: About half an hour if there is no traffic jam. Would you like to listen to some light music?

            W: That would be lovely.

            (Text 8)

            W: Were you born in Los Angeles?

            M: No. I was born in Chicago as a matter of fact.

            W: Oh, were you?

            M: Yeah, I grew up in the suburbs, in Wilmette, and then I moved out here when I was fourteen.

            W: So you went to high school here?

            M: Yeah, that’s right. I graduated from Lincoln High.

            W: And then you went to college?

            M: No, not exactly. First I went to Europe.

            W: Oh. To travel?

            M: Well, yes, and I also lived in Munich for a while.

            W: When did you arrive in Munich?

            M: Let me see now. That was about eleven years ago. Yeah, in 1995.

            W: And how long did you stay there?

            M: For almost two years.

            W: Oh, that must have been very interesting.

            (Text 9)

            W: I’ve really given it some thought, and I’m going to go back to school. I’m going to...

            M: Well, When...

            W: I’m going to take some night courses and maybe, within a couple of years. I’ll have a ...uh... Associate Degree in Business.

            M: Well, when are you going to get started?

            W: I’m going to start this fall.

            M: Now are you sure you can get enough money?

            W: I’ve talked to my parents and it’s uh...It’s green light from them.

            M: Well, that’s great. I hope you follow through with it. I’ve heard about this kind of thing before...you’ve been talking about it for years.

            W: Well, it took me a while to put it together, but I’ve finally made up my mind where I’m going to go and this fall, it’s “go” time.

            M: Well, I just hope you follow through with it this time.

            W: I will.

            (Text 10)

            Welcome to the United States, ladies and gentlemen. Now I’d like to tell you what you should do when you become ill. If you feel sick and want to see a doctor, check with the manager of your hotel. They may call a doctor for you. American doctors are busy all the time, and it may be difficult to see the doctor immediately, unless you are well enough to go to the doctor’s office. If you have difficulty explaining what is troubling you in English, your tour guide may be able to help you. You may also go to the nearest hospital, especially if you require immediate attention. If you are seriously hurt and alone, call 911 and the operator there will help you. Don’t be frightened if you’re sent to the hospital. In the United States, people are often sent to hospitals so that doctors can use the special machines and services for tests and treatment. Unfortunately, the United States does not have a national system of health insurance to help pay medical bills.


            答案: 1~5.CCBAB 6~10.BACBA 11~15.BCABA 16~20.CABCB








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